Q1: I'm not registered for the UniCredit Research Portal, applications or Research email distribution. What do I do?


We are glad to hear that you are interested in our Research publications. Please note that our Research is for institutional clients only.


If you are an institutional client please contact your sales responsible. The colleague will be happy to set up your profile.


To get to the UniCredit Research Portal please use this link à


To download the iPhone & iPad application please use this link à


To download the Android application please use this link à


Username and password are the same for UniCredit Research Portal, iPhone & iPad, and Android app. They are case sensitive so you will need to enter them appropriately.


If you are still having trouble or have forgotten your password please contact globalresearch@unicredit.eu



Q2: I don't remember my login credentials to UniCredit Research Portal. How can I unlock my account?


Please write an email to globalresearch@unicredit.eu and this problem will be resolved.



Q3: I would like to receive UniCredit publications per email. Where is the email subscription section in the UniCredit Research Portal?


There is no email subscription function in the UniCredit Research Portal. However your UniCredit sales person can select and set up which publication links you receive per email alert.


If you are not registered to the UniCredit Research Portal yet, please stick to Q1.



Q4: I used to receive the research documents in my email, will I still receive my research in the new format?


You will receive the html link. The "document link" in the email takes you to the research documents on our UniCredit Research Portal.


Our system will automatically recognize the personalized link so you can open the document without entering any username or password.


If the document doesn't open or any other problems occur please contact globalresearch@unicredit.eu



Q5: What do I do if emails from UniCredit Research are missing or keep ending up in my spam folder?


Some UniCredit Research recipients have reported missing emails or are finding our emails in the spam folders of their mail systems.


Please take a moment and add our address to your address book or to the safe sender list.


How to add to address book in Outlook:

1)     Open the email message

2)     In the From field, right-click the email address

3)     Click the "Add to Outlook Contacts…" link in the menu

4)     Click the "Save and Close" button


How to add to safe sender list in Outlook:

1)     Go to "Home" à "Junk"

2)     Select "Junk Email Options"

3)     Go to "Safe Senders"

4)     Click "Add"

5)     Add the following domains:

-   @unicredit.de

-   @unicredit.eu

-   @unicreditgroup.eu

6)     Click the "Ok" button



1)     Open the email message

2)     Go to "Junk"

3)     Select "Never Block Sender's Domain"

4)     Click the "Ok" button


In some cases, you may need to contact your IT helpdesk (if applicable) to add us to the white list on your company firewall or proxy server.



Q6: I would like to share your research with colleagues, what do I do?


We are glad to hear that our clients think our research is worth sharing with others.


However sharing of our research is strictly prohibited and requires authorization from UniCredit Research


Please contact your UniCredit account manager for further details.